Thursday, 18 February 2021 16:47

Terra Bedding

Before fattening cycle

  • No need to invest into the whole year quantity of bedding
  • No need to invest into the cover storage
  • Prevents weight loss during storage
  • Reduces risk of fire
  • No need of extra working

hours to handle storage bedding     

  • No need to invest in the destruction of failed bedding
  • No need to invest money  and working hours to provide bio security
  • No need to worry about microbiological security.

You can provide for yourself:          


  • Continuously supplies according to your need
  • 100% microbiological and bio safety
  • Less working hours for handling
  • Much better farm ambiental conditions
  • Much longer exploitation of farm equipment
  • Easier monitoring and control of fattening process
  • Better quality of fattening process
  • Beter quality of produced chicken
  • The possibility of post production of the resulting manure into high quality organic fertilizer
  • Increase of income.



Manipulation and spreading

  • The absence of dust
  • Easy and quick spreading
  • Less technical equipment problems
  • Always the same quality

Normative for spreading Terra Bedding at 1000m2 with 3 workers is 45 minutes.


Reception and fattening of chickens

  • Provides a natural environment
  • Reduced energy use
  • Provides a safer and more comfortable work environment                               
  • Free of pesticides and other chemicals
  • Salmonella free
  • Much higher power of absorption
  • Easier detection and elimination of technical problems
  • Easy, quick and accurate control of the performance of work responsibilities
  • Allows fattening up to 43 kilograms of chickens per m2
  • Better ambient conditions with less humidity and higher floor abilities
  • Less NH3,H2s,CO2
  • Reduced negative environmental impact
  • Provides a natural and comfortable habitat for chickens
  • Provides chickens with less dermatitis on the feet and legs and no lesion on the chest
  • Cleaner feather
  • Provides fattening without heat stroke


Loading of chickens

Without raising dust, ammonia, easier movement through the farm, a more peaceful chicken.

Results from the slaughter line:

  • No lesions on the chest
  • Extremely small percentage of lesions on the feet
  • Pure feathers
  • High quality meat


Cleaning the farm and taking out the manure  

  • Without the use of heavy machinery
  • Smaller amount of manure consistency easy to handle
  • Less dust and therefore the object is easier to wash and disinfect
  • Manure postproduction real, easy and fast
  • Composting without the use of chemicals and busters
  • Produced high quality compost with the potential for further processing

Pictures of hollowed manure


Picture of the compost produced with a high percentage of organic matter and macro and micro elements

Can be used as a finished product or as raw material for further processing into organic fertilizer