Atlas cat clean litter



Atlas cat clean litter absorbs liquid waste in a few minutes.  Inhibits odors and has high clumping power helping easy removal of solid parts.  Atlas cat clean is a premium litter controlling odours and reducing bacterial and microbial development.

ATLAS CAT CLEAN AROMA... our cats choose it, and in practice!

It is known that many cats feel uncomfortable and prefer not to use hygiene litters that have a pleasant aroma to humans, but annoying for them. This is one reason that a part of consumers knowing this fact avoids the use of the aromatic hygiene litter for their cats. After years of research in the U.S., it is found a combination of components, not only the final aroma has a pleasant smell for us humans but at least neutral and no annoying for our cats.

If you add also the unique ability to neutralize the bad odors (and not masking them) combined with the properties of the substrate (which consists of 100% natural minerals), Atlas cat clean AROMA is unique of its kind and you will love it not only you but also your cats! The release of the highly pleasant fragrance occurs when our cat use Atlas cat clean AROMA.
The fragrant Atlas AROMA cat litter has passed multiple NON-denial tests with cats of different ages and races. Retaining all the characteristics of successful ATLAS CLASSIC cat litter, with great clumping ability when it comes in contact with the urine/feces of cats, dust free and highly-absorbent.

It is available in practical packages (plastic container) of 10 kg


  • Fill the box with at least 5 cm litter.
  • Remove daily the dumps and other excrements with appropriate shovel.
  • Add litter to replace the removed one.

Packaging:  10kg, high quality plastic drums
In four different types: Classic, Aroma, Multiple cats, Longhair

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