Topsafe Mouse Repellent Gel

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Mouse and small rodent Repellent Gel

Margosa extract 0,5%

Topsafe mouse repellent gel is an innovating product in gel form, with natural origing active ingredient, margosa, designed to REPELL mice and other small rodents naturally,  without using dangerous chemicals for humans, other animals and the environment .It can be used safely outdoor, in warehouses, engine rooms, car parkings etc. to prevent invasions of mice and small rodents. It is NON TOXIC, environmental friendly and easy to use

Instructions for use:

Shake the product before use. Apply 20ml of the product per one meter into straight dotted lines to create an effective barrier. Apply the product every 2 days to start when you notice signs of presence of mice and then once every week.

Package: 250ml with application nozzle

Registration number: TP19- 0271/2017

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